Reap the value of sensitive data without compromising on privacy

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High-quality synthetic data is just a click away

We turn sensitive data of any scale into a safe synthetic version with unparalleled accuracy. Data you can share, analyze, and drive value from with confidence.

Synthetic Data made simple

Whether you’re searching for patterns or training your AI, data is only as valuable as it is accessible. That’s why our engine is designed to make accurate data generation feel easy.

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Solving the privacy problem

Our synthetic data is impossible to re-identify. That means it’s exempt from GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection regulations.

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Quality you can count on

The Datomize engine is purpose-built for accuracy. Preserving the behavioral characteristics of your data and, in turn, improving the quality of your insights.

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As big as your data

Datomize can handle the biggest and most complex data structures, supporting 100+ tables as well as dependencies and mixed data types.

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with confidence

Datomize makes it easy to share data with your teams and third-party partners.

Lower your
IT costs

When the full dataset isn’t required, generate a small sample to reduce your storage costs and network overheads.


Datomize is designed to give you the right level of insight and control for what you need to achieve with smart automation that keeps things simple.

Accelerate testing
and development

If you’re developing or testing new hardware, software, and technology, there’s no need to wait for sign-off on sensitive data.

Utilize the power
of the cloud

Leverage the processing power of the cloud without compromising on data safety.

your resources

With Datomize, you can control the data you generate and where it’s stored.

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