Dramatically improve machine learning model performance

Don’t optimize, Datomize!

Develop state-of-the-art AI solutions by leveraging limitless synthetic data of exceptional
quality and variety, and automatic engineering of a comprehensive set of advanced features.

Powerfully simple

With fully automated synthetic data generation and optional data and dependency mapping options, Datomize is powerful yet simple to use. And with centralized data source definitions, single sign-on, and comprehensive APIs, you can seamlessly integrate Datomize into your enterprise’s existing IT infrastructure.

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Undaunted by scale and complexity

Built for the largest and most complex data sets, Datomize is ready to generate exceptional quality data at any scale. Datomize 10s of tables with a 1000 fields per table - including time-series and free text fields - and millions of records concurrently.

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Uncompromising quality

Datomize’s expert models for advanced data types, conditional models for table relationships, and continuous re-training of its generative model result in data of uncompromising quality. Datomize also offers high-quality validation of comprehensive quality measures to guarantee accuracy.

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Absolute privacy

Multi-level differential privacy support ensures the privacy of your data is mathematically guaranteed, while an automatic privacy/quality trade-off enables you to develop and train high-performing models anywhere. And with dynamic validation and visualization of our stringent privacy measures, you can see this privacy for yourself.

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Extreme flexibility

Overcome the lack of unbiased and balanced data with Datomize’s advanced data augmentation capabilities. Simulate complete data sets from scratch or enhance the quality of your data with auto-labeling and data cleansing. Datomize’s extreme flexibility further empowers you to dictate the behavior of your data with conditional data generation and user-defined synthesization value.

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Comprehensive connectivity

Whether you need to connect to a wide range of enterprise data sources like Oracle, PosgreSQL, DB2, and SQL Server, or you prefer to use CSV and Parquet files, you’re always just one click away from rapidly Datomizing your data.

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Solution benefits

State-of-the-art Al solutions

Develop and train the highest-performing ML models to extract superior insights by utilizing limitless data of exceptional quality, variety, and balance.

Confidence in data quality

Dynamic validation tools visualize the data quality resulting from continuous training of expert models while maintaining cross-table relationships.

Complex data at scale

Synthesize or simulate massive data sets with 10s of millions of records, 1,000 fields per table and 10s of categories per field.

Accurate predictions

Overcome insufficient representation, biased views, and ambiguity with data that is unbiased and balanced.

Auto-complete missing data

Automatically complete the content of missing fields.

Auto-label data

Automatically label your entire data set based on partially labeled data.

Privacy assurance

Be assured your data’s privacy is mathematically guaranteed while maintaining its high quality.

Rapid collaboration

Quickly provide partners with a safe version of sensitive data.

Workflow integration

Leverage advanced APIs to automate the data generation process within your workflow.

Enterprise readiness

Enable seamless integration within your enterprise's existing IT infrastructure with single Sign-on, comprehensive connectivity, and centralized data source definitions.

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