Fueling the machine
learning economy

Leverage limitless synthetic data of exceptional quality

Founded in 2020, Datomize enables data scientists to develop and train high performing machine learning models to extract superior insights. Equipping data scientists with limitless synthetic data of exceptional quality, variety, and balance, Datomize enables the development of state-of-the-art AI solutions that drive innovation, protect society, and save lives. Utilizing deep learning models for synthesizing advanced data types while maintaining cross-table relationships, the platforms continuous re-training, automatic quality/privacy trade-off evaluation, and support for data enhancement and simulation, delivers unprecedented data quality, flexibility, and privacy-assurance guarantees.

Our core values


Nothing is more important than the accuracy of the data we deliver to our customers. Our dedication to continuous innovation means you get exceptional quality data you can depend on at any scale.


We recognize that the needs of machine learning data scientists are evolving and expanding rapidly.
We are focused on listening to the needs of customers and committed to adapting to their most demanding needs.


We live and breathe data, but our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our passion is to develop meaningful relationships that match the rising expectations of AI/ML professionals.


Our leadership


Dr. Sigal Shaked

Co-founder and CTO

“Our innovative solution allow the next generation of data scientists to enjoy all the benefits of big data, without any of the liabilities."

Avi Weiss

Founder and CEO

"I believe that our unique technology will help organizations to maximize the potential of their data and reach their business goals."
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