Datomize synthetic data
generation for AI &
Machine Learning

When it comes to big data, size is only part of the story.

When you’re training an AI model, you need constant access to large quantities of usable data, free from the restrictions of compliance. But quality is every bit as important as quantity.

With Datomize, replace your real sensitive data with the highest quality synthetic replica that’s ready to feed into your model. Then easily add more labeled training data whenever you need it, without the cost or complexity of manually sourcing and annotating it.

Improve your AI results

By turning your sensitive and personally-identifying data into a synthetic replica that shares its properties, you can feed your AI model all the data it needs. It’s a way to dramatically increase accuracy and, in turn, your business performance.

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Data Augmentation

Whenever you need more, use Datomize to generate new labeled or unlabeled data that shares the properties of your original. It’s a way to let your plans, goals, and ambitions set the pace - not waiting for more data.

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Validate your results

In just a few seconds, compare the accuracy of your new synthetic dataset to the original. You can even tweak and optimize the replica to bring it even closer to your live data.

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Why Datomize for AI Development & Training?

    machine learning

    Analyze thousands of tables and train your AI with high-quality data.

    Utilize the power
    of the cloud

    Improve AI performance with large-scale cloud-based training.

    speed of innovation

    Explore faster new vendors, products and services.


    Create robust models with more extensive training and testing.

    your resources

    Put data privacy first while still reaping the rewards of your data.

    with confidence

    Get the data you need, when you need it, on any scale.

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