Augment complex data
sets of any scale

Augment your data with sufficiently labeled,
unbiased and balanced synthetic data

It takes a huge amount of data to feed your machine learning and AI models. With Datomize, you can augment your existing data sets with massive amounts of synthetic data that improve the quality, variety, and balance of your source data.

Data balancing and bias

One of the biggest challenges of limited data sets is underrepresentation, bias and imbalance. Augmenting your data with Datomize allows you to take a more holistic approach, automatically balancing your data to improve quality.

User-defined synthetization values

Define the values of specific fields inside your synthetic data. Datomize gives you granular control and complete flexibility, no matter how complex your data is.

Conditional data generation

Datomize is designed to put you in control of how your data is synthesized. It’s easy to preserve certain fields, define your own rules, and get data that’s purpose-built for any model you need.

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