What’s New


New Datomize version 2.0 has been released!

We’re constantly working to improve your Datomize experience and are happy to share our latest version, 2.0, released on 27 Oct 2022


  • We’re proud to announce our new Data Health Report, which gives our customers rapid validation of their source data, equipped with high-level quality and balance scores, as well as deeper insights into the data and advanced capabilities to overcome gaps identified in the data.
  • You can view the duplicate records or the recognized anomalies by clicking Show in the relevant box. http://www.google.com
  • And you can fix detected problems, by ignoring duplicate records, removing anomalies or completing missing values. Simply tick the desired options in the relevant checkboxes.


  • We have a new change analysis dashboard for analyzing the results of Reinvent and Reimagine tasks. The main chart shows the fields that have changed the most (comparing the source population to the generated population), for numeric fields an arrow shows the direction of change.
  • The side charts show more details about the distribution of the values of the selected field, comparing source and generated populations. For numeric fields, a box plot comparison of key summary statistics is also shown.
    • When recharging training data for a prediction task with a categorical target, you can now view or edit the evaluation metric that will guide the optimization process. The default metric is selected according to the target field’s balance level (F1 Score for imbalanced targets, ROC-AUC otherwise).