What’s New

Version 1.3

New Datomize version 1.3 has been released!

We’re constantly working to improve your Datomize experience and are happy to share our latest version 1.3, released 28 Feb 2022


In addition to controlling the ratio of generated sequences, you can now also control the length of the generated sequences.

Let’s examine for example data with 5 years history of market sizes for a set of brands you wish to analyze. You can simulate future market sizes for each brand by mapping this data to be sequenced by BRAND_KEY and ordered by DATE, and adjust the sequence size up to 1000%(ten times) longer than the original sequence size, making 5 years market sizes history into the simulation of 45 years ahead.

Sorting Dashboard Datomizer Cards

Added the ability to sort the Datomizer cards in the main dashboard ascending or descending by either Datomizer names, creation dates, or update dates.


  • Auto-discovery improvements and multi-thread support
  • Generating sequences with custom lengths
  • Allow free text for Datomizer’s names
  • ML Performance dashboard UI updates and fixes, added new Metrics descriptions.