What’s New

version 1.6

New Datomize version 1.6 has been released!

We’re constantly working to improve your Datomize experience and are happy to share our latest version 1.6, released 12 Jun 2022


  • We proudly announce our new Reinvent option for generating and exploring new data scenarios.
  • After mapping your source data, select the Reinvent task.

Then you can decide what to generate, by setting your own rules. For example, we can generate more examples to explore better churning customers with low representation in the source data. The following rule will generate 50 records of churning customers with low monthly charges (between 14-50).

You can dynamically explore the difference between the generated and source data in the results dashboard.

To explore the differences between your planned scenario and the source data, compare with the ‘All Data’ option. To analyze the similarity between the data generated for your planned scenario and the same scenario as appears in your source data, compare with the ‘Same Rule’ option.

  • Datomize Enhance ML option now supports categorical prediction targets with up to 10different classes.
  • We’ve added the option to run Enhance ML on the entire data after it was evaluated based on 80% of the data. At the bottom of the ML Performance Dashboard, click:


  • Various improvements to Datomize’s generative model.
  • Datomize now automatically maps all fields, even when inconsistencies exist (a warning appears in such cases).
  • Various facelifts to Datomize’s tasks selection flow.