What’s New

version 1.9

New Datomize version 1.9 has been released!

We’re constantly working to improve your Datomize experience and are happy to share our latest version, 1.9, released on 14 Sep 2022


  • We now support a new Re-imagine task, enabling analysts to examine how their data behave under changing conditions. For example, to explore how various attributes of employees change if they are married and earn 2000$ more, we can create a rule to examine this change:
  • And check how it affects attributes like experience years, education years, and look score:

The resulting dashboard analyzes the attributes affected by the inserted condition:


  • To help detect gaps in the source data, we’ve added to the field’s detailed view a balance score (for categorical fields, 100% is balanced, 0% is imbalanced)
  • Datomize SDK now supports mapping operations.
foreach($query->posts as $key => $value) {
                        if($value->ID == $post->ID){
                            $nextID = $query->posts[$key + 1]->ID;
                            $prevID = $query->posts[$key - 1]->ID;