Replicate and resize your data

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Synthesize limitless data
of exceptional quality

Datomize’s AI-powered, generative models create superior synthetic replicas by extracting the behavior from your existing data. Advanced augmentation capabilities enable limitless resizing of your data, while dynamic validation tools visualize the similarity between original and replicated data sets.

Resize your data to the required extent

It takes a huge amount of data to feed your machine learning and AI models. Overcome the “cold-start” challenge of your new ML project by augmenting your existing data sets with massive amounts of synthetic data that improve the quality, variety, and balance of your source data.

Rapid collaboration

With fully automated synthetic data generation and optional data mapping options, Datomize enables rapid collaboration with partners who require a synthetic version of sensitive data.

Uncompromising quality

With advanced deep generative models, expert models for advanced data types, and a conditional, dynamic architecture to further maintain complex relationships, Datomize builds accuracy into your model from the start. Datomize continuously ensures the uncompromising quality of the generated via its unique set of quality measures.

Integrate with existing data pipelines

Use our Python SDK to seamlessly integrate into existing analytical working environments and data or ML pipelines.