Synthesize limitless data
of exceptional quality

Develop and train high performing machine learning models

Datomize makes it easy to generate data of exceptional quality, variety and balance, so you can extract superior insights from your ML models.

Uncompromising quality

With expert models for advanced data types, conditional models for cross-table dependencies, and continuous retraining of the generative model, Datomize builds accuracy into your model from the start. Meanwhile, five unique quality measures continuously ensure the uncompromising quality of the generated data.

Undaunted by scale & complexity

In ML training, quantity and quality both matter. Datomize’s elastic scalability allows you to synthesize 10s of tables concurrently, with tens of millions of records and thousands of fields per table including support for time series and free text fields.

Powerfully simple

With fully automated synthetic data generation as well as optional data and dependency mapping, Datomizing is powerful yet simple to use. All with centralized data source definitions, single sign-on, and comprehensive APIs to seamlessly integrate Datomize into your enterprise’s existing IT infrastructure.

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