Reinvent your data to simulate any scenario

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Maximize the value of your
analytical datasets

Datomize’s rules-based engine enables users to generate the exact analytical data set needed for any desired scenario. Predict outcomes, overcome inherent bias and imbalance, and reimagine your data before making decisions.

Predict outcomes for any scenario

To analyze trends before they happen, Datomize enables generation of the exact analytical data set needed by simply defining rules that provide context for any desired scenario. This context, together with a generative model trained on the source data, enables the generation of any required scenario - even in cases that lack previous examples.

Overcome data bias and balance

Overcome insufficient representation, biased views, and ambiguity with data that is unbiased and balanced. Use your expert knowledge to generate data that completes existing gaps and reduces inherent bias.

Reimagine your data before making decisions

Examine previously unseen scenarios to explore how specific conditions affect customer behavior utilizing Datomize’s rules-based data generation engine and rich visualization tools. Minimize decision making risk by performing what-if analysis of the expected outcomes before executing on the plan.